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Una solida passione

Costruire, in Italia e nel Mondo. SMV Costruzioni si occupa di edilizia residenziale, per il settore terziario, sanitario, sportivo, religioso e di riqualificazione di edifici esistenti, con un’attenzione speciale alla progettazione avanzata e alle migliori tecnologie costruttive.

A solid passion

Building in Italy and all over the world. SMV Costruzioni deals with residential construction for tertiary, healthcare, sports and religious sector, as well as with the redevelopment of existing buildings with a special focus on advanced design and using the best construction technologies.

Speed and experience
Expert and accurate BIM design
The best in construction technology

About us

SMV Costruzioni brings your private, industrial, sports and religious building projects to life. Based in Telgate, SMV Costruzioni has a strong production department that uses high-profile machinery, quality materials and experienced workers. We put a strong emphasis on professionalism, punctuality and respect for safety regulations.

the company

About us

Major projects

Great ideas need great skills, technology and commitment. Starting with the design managed through a BIM (Building Information Modelling) system, and using the best construction technologies, SMV Costruzioni brings futuristic and large-scale projects into reality.

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BIM Design

Beyond CAD, beyond software and beyond modelling. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a complete system for three-dimensional architectural design and for optimisation of the planning, realisation and management of buildings. BIM planning allows you to digitally collect, combine and link all relevant data of a building. The virtual building can also be visualised as a three-dimensional geometric model.

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