SMV Costruzioni is a construction company characterized by great dynamism, passion and specific skills that blend into each other day after day to create and maintain an articulated entrepreneurial activity that has proven successful for a number of years at a national and, more recently, international level.

The structure of SMV Costruzioni is such as to permit an adequate intake of staff and means to ensure the execution to the best working standards of any type of construction, whether civil or industrial, commercial or in the hotel, catering and logistics sector as well as in the repair, conservation and environmental sanitation of urban and suburban areas.

The company owns an extended fleet of machinery as well as the equipment and the highly qualified technical staff needed to always spot the right solutions and make the most sensible choices in developing projects and managing construction sites. The structural and organisational framework of the company ensures the well-known and undisputed ability of the company to execute contracts in strict compliance with the timeline agreed with the customer and the substantial respect of the project budget. SMV is also known for a remarkable sensitivity they have always expressed in the renovation of historical buildings listed for both architectural and environmental constraints and the painstaking care and precision devoted to the sustainable re-use of the wide range of materials featured in each project.

SMV Costruzioni is proud to affirm that the primary focus of all activities in each construction site is work security. Thanks to constant investment and gradual and constant upgrading, the company has always effectively protected their most valuable asset: human capital.

Cristoforo Giorgi