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  1. • SMV Costruzioni is founded in Telgate (BG)

  2. • new offices: 100 m2 of office space and 500 m2 of warehouse space in Albano S. Alessandro
    • Turnover of 2 mil.
    • 7 employees

  3. • warehouse extension of 1,000 m2
    19 employees

  4. • new offices: 300 m2 of office space and 3000 m2 of warehouse space
    • 28 employees

  5. • 10 mil. investment: 70 m2 of space, new operational and legal headquarter
    • 45 employees

  6. • 73 employees


All the space that great ideas need to come to life. The heart of SMV Costruzioni features 70,000 m2, divided between offices, operational and legal headquarters and over 3,000 m2 of warehouse space. It’s a space that we invite you to visit. We’ll take you through our reality, to understand its qualities and strengths we use to make your projects a reality.