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Aesthetics, functionality and punctuality all become one in the civil construction market. Delivery is punctual and precise and maximises the design and architectural efforts....
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Design and construction in the healthcare sector, including those with a high concentration of technology. Customised professional expertise is available to public and private operators, including feasibility studies, design, proc...
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Sport facilities
Special attention is paid to functionality, materials and safety. Technical advice, inspections and quality assurance for the construction of gyms, sports centres, grandstands and sports halls around the country....
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Specific expertise in the design and construction of churches, seminaries and convents and in the restoration and rehabilitation of pre-existing historical structures, including those protected under cultural and environmental her...
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Restoration of historic buildings, conservation of architectural and monumental heritage in compliance with the relevant mandatory regulations and without affecting the quality of the original structures....
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Construction of commercial and industrial plants with design and implementation aimed at enhancing and benefiting future production processes. The entire process complies with the strict regulations in force, with careful planning...
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BIM Design
More than just software or a simple three-dimensional modeller. BIM design is a method that allows the total computerisation of buildings. With the BIM method, a digital model of the entire design and construction of a building, i...
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