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Social responsibility

SMV Costruzioni has an inert waste recovery plant at its headquarters which has been duly authorised with an AUA [Unique Environmental Authorisation] issued by the Province of Bergamo. Thanks to this, we’re able to promote a sustainable circular economy by recovering demolition rubble so we can obtain recycled inert aggregates certified with the CE mark. These are then used for environmental recovery, filling, embankment formation and the creation of roadbeds.


Our social responsibility also extends to numerous solidarity initiatives: fund-raising for a cure for Covid, support for the Casa Vidas hospice and contributions for research and treatment of cystic fibrosis.

SMV and young people

Training is always at the heart of our interests because we believe it to be an important investment for the future and safety. We collaborate with the local construction school in the Celadina district of Bergamo and provide regular internships to show students the many facets of the working world. In addition, we devote 9,800 hours per year to training our work teams. Our headquarters feature a dedicated classroom and spaces set aside for tests and practical testing.

SMV and sport

Sport helps to convey values in which we believe, such as commitment and loyalty. That’s why we’re committed to supporting and sponsoring numerous sporting activities, including the Italtrans team, the Ass. Volley Ball Pontenure, A.S.D., Torre de Roveri calcio, the F.lli Giorgi cycling team, the Torre de Roveri tamburello tournament, the Castelli Calepi solidarity tennis tournament and Atalanta Bergamasca calcio.