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Hotel Viu

PLACE: Milan | Via Aristotele Fioravanti 6
FEATURES: 40291 MC | 3 underground, 8 above ground, 5458 MQ
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER: Arassociati studio di architettura

A hotel with a modern character, composed of homogeneous masses and materials, perfectly inserted in the new urban context of Porta Volta. From bottom to top, the building is compact and unified but recognisable in its parts – a base, a repeated space in the elevation broken up differently in the spaces of the façades and a light and airy cornicing.
Glass, metal and wood (in laminated elements) were chosen as external materials for its construction, all in line with contemporary sustainability criteria. The interiors include large halls with reception and living areas. In the rooms, the walls and ceilings are juxtaposed with textured plaster and simple, minimalist design solutions were preferred.